Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 5 Total Number of Files Changed: 24

2004-07-17 17:30:00Matt Kurjanowicz

project.xml v 1.4

Changed link for source repository to show the root of the module, not the root of the repository.
2004-07-17 06:10:53Matt Kurjanowicz

project.xml v 1.3

xdocs/index.xml v 1.1

Added index.xml file for a default index page for the website.
2004-07-17 05:30:22Matt Kurjanowicz

project.xml v 1.2

Fixed cvs directories in project.xml, added id for developer mkurjano.
2004-07-17 05:22:23Matt Kurjanowicz

.cvsignore v 1.1

LICENSE.txt v 1.1 v 1.1

project.xml v 1.1

src/readme.xml v 1.1

src/etc/readme.xml v 1.1

src/java/readme.xml v 1.1

src/test/readme.xml v 1.1

src/webapp/readme.xml v 1.1

xdocs/navigation.xml v 1.1

branches: 1.1.1; Initial revision
2004-07-17 05:22:23Matt Kurjanowicz

.cvsignore v

LICENSE.txt v v

project.xml v

src/readme.xml v

src/etc/readme.xml v

src/java/readme.xml v

src/test/readme.xml v

src/webapp/readme.xml v

xdocs/navigation.xml v

Initial source import.